venerdì 17 agosto 2018

The last gig at Brauerei Barnikel, a night to remember - Day six

Thanks to our host Petra we could play also in Germany and it was a great night, here are some of the special moments and feelings we lived with beautiful German people

Sound check one-two with the sound engineer and the mascot: Brusio the horse

Even if the weather was not very good we kept on rockin' in the free world😜

Good vibes only !!🎸🎵🎤🐴💓

We had different kind of fans...Nice talking with a new mate and fan

Last but not least our travelling companion ready to be loaded again...Our van Giorgio!!!🚐

Walking in the Free State of Saxony - day six

Early in the morning we took a walk to The Bastei bridge in Saxon Switzerland...What a landscape!

It is not surprising that also the romantic painter Kaspar David Friedrich  drew "Felsenschlucht" in this amazing place

Slovakian moments at Point Restaurant - day four : happy August 15th

Thanks to our friends Dana and Jan we played at Martin's restaurant and we celebrated August 15th drinking some good italian wine 😄 ...
...We enjoyed our time in this lovely house listening to Jan's music and stories, eating lots of Dana's delicious cake. As the rain fell down we all had to say goodbye  to this nice couple to move towards Poland, the Free State of Saxony and Germany - felling a little nostalgic .

domenica 12 agosto 2018

Special moments during Maribor Tour : 11/08/2018 - day one of our journey

After a day of travelling we arrived in Slovenia where we immediately found a nice place to play live at Lucija's cellar (Posestvo Grušova)

Our thoughts and gratitude on Lucija's book before leaving: we played, we laughed and we rode her horses together😃

Relaxing at the farmhouse surrounded by nature and animals got so much joy

Here they are: Lucija, Simon and the beautiful Coco!🐴

One of the best moments during the concert at Lucija's cellar.

sabato 28 luglio 2018

Davide Taloni & Cavalli Liberi - Road Tour '18

Connecting music with travel. A past experience already done. A solo trip. 
Combining love for songs in order to discover new places, new faces and habits. His name’s Davide Taloni and this time he will be alone no more, there will be “Cavalli Liberi”, a group of Friends and Musicians that has been created, changed and widened with time, with whom he plays with for a couple of years now. It will be a new experience, full of question marks.
The trip will be held in some countries of Middle Europe; in addition to his songs, the repertoire consider also some classics of italian songwriting.
Here is what he said about:
“ I don’t have any crystal sphere and I really don’t know what to expect but plenty of life, stories to tell and adventure”.
…Hoping this will be a Journey for Davide & Cavalli Liberi… We hope the same for you.

 Associare la musica al viaggio. Un’esperienza già fatta in passato. In solitaria. 
Unire l’amore per le canzoni alla scoperta di nuovi luoghi, volti e costumi. Lui si chiama Davide Taloni e questa volta non sarà più solo, ma ci saranno i “Cavalli Liberi” il gruppo di Amici e Musicisti che si è creato, modificato e ampliato col tempo e con il quale suona da ormai un paio di anni. Sarà un’esperienza nuova e piena di punti di domanda.
Il viaggio si terrà nei paesi del centro Europa; oltre alle sue canzoni, il repertorio prevede alcuni classici del cantautorato italiano.  
 Ecco le sue parole a proposito:
“Non ho una sfera di cristallo e non so cosa aspettarmi, se non una quantità abbondante di vita, storie da raccontare ed avventura”.
…Che viaggio sia, per Davide e i Cavalli liberi …Speriamo pure per voi .